Parental Views

The views of parents and carers are always listened to and considered carefully. School Leaders seek to enter into conversations with parents on a daily basis in an effort to meet the needs of all children and families. Parents and carers are always welcome to make an appointment to meet with Mr Nolan if there is a matter they wish to discuss. Mr Nolan is also happy to receive written communication at the school address. The Chair of Governors can also be contacted at the school address c/o Clerk to The Governing Body.

Each year parents are asked to complete a questionnaire. The most recent responses are recorded below. These questionnaires were completed anonymously in July 2016. Parents can also give their views via the Ofsted website:                                                                  


My child is happy at school        91% Strongly Agree,  7% Agree,  2% Disagree 


I know what my child is learning   77% Strongly Agree,   23% Agree, 0% Disagree


My child is making progress          77 % Strongly Agree,   23% Agree,   0 % Disagree  


My child is well supported in class  77% Strongly Agree,  23% Agree, 0% Disagree


I know the importance of attendance 100% Strongly Agree, 0% Agree, 0% Disagree   


The school cares for all children    86% Strongly Agree,   14 % Agree,   0 % Disagree 


School news is clear and regular 81% Strongly Agree, 19% Agree, 0% Disagree


The school is well lead and managed  84% Strongly Agree,  16% Agree,  0% Disagree


I feel welcome when visiting school   88% Strongly Agree, 12% Agree,  0% Disagree


The school site is safe and clean     88% Strongly Agree,  12% Agree,  0% Disagree