Equality Statement

Equality Statement 2018-19

“It is important that everybody is seen as equal before God.”  

(Blessed Mother Teresa)



Within St Mary’s Catholic Primary School all staff and Governors are responsible for ensuring that the school meets its duties under the Equality Act 2010. 

           Eliminating harassment and bullying

The school will not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying of pupils or our staff.


We will provide relevant training by using all suitable delivery methods.

           Procurement and Contractors

We will take steps to ensure that contractors working at the school operate within the requirements of our Equality Statement.

          Visitors to the School

We will take steps to ensure that all visitors to our school including parents act within the requirements of our Equality Statement.

           Publishing the Statement

We will publish our statement upon the school’s website.

           Reporting our progress

We will report progress against the Duty through our regular reporting mechanisms, to the Full Governing Body of the school.

           Reviewing and Revising the Equality Statement

We will review and revise the Statement no later than four years from publication of this statement.

This statement and the Equality Policy in full was reviewed by the Staffing and Curriculum Committee in October 2016. It is was accepted by the Governing Body in November 2016.

Equality Objective 2018-19 (This objective is detailed within the current School Development Plan)

Fostering Good Relations – Review and publish the aims of the school mission to promote the Gospel and British Values of “Tolerance” and “Mutual Respect”.