I am Unique Week

During week commencing the 15th June 2015 the school held the first ever ‘I am unique week,’ to focus on inclusion and celebrate our individuality. It is hoped that this will be an annual event.

Some of the highlights of this week included:

  •  ‘Divine Days’ came into school to complete an art workshop with everyone. Every child and teacher created their own piece of artwork linked around the theme ‘I am Unique’.
  •  We held an art exhibition to showcase the children’s artwork.  The children were also taught how to sign a song in British Sign Language.  The whole school came together in the hall to sign this song.
  • We held a ‘Bake Off’ where children brought in their own ‘unique’ cakes. All monies raised from the sale of these cakes went to the ‘Unique’ Charity.
  • The children produced their own T- shirts with the theme of ‘I am Unique’. We also had a visit from Nugent Care who completed workshops based around rhythm, dance and sign language. We were visited by a local climber who is visually impaired, he discussed his love of climbing and the children were able to ask lots of questions.
  • The whole school joined together to watch a presentation about inclusive sports. We had a number of visitors who demonstrated a wide variety of sports and answered questions.
  • At the end of the week we came together  to hold a school assembly, we shared our experiences with the parents and other visitors and celebrated a very successful, educational and enjoyable week.

Based on feedback from parents, teachers and pupils the week was very successful in raising awareness of individual needs and the importance that ever person has in supporting other members of our school community. In the school foyer there is a portfolio of photos, work and feedback which you are all invited to peruse.